Join the Investors Circle Today!

We invite you to Join the Investors Circle by making a gift of $1000 or more.


HCA loves all those who support the School in all the various forms of financial donations, volunteering, and gifts in kind! This support not only provides what we refer to as our ‘margin for excellence,’ but also helps us keep our tuition low for everyone who seeks to partner with HCA to educate and disciple the next generation.

The purpose of the HCA Investors Circle is specifically and uniquely to bring together those who, in the first instance, believe in the cause of Christian education, in America – and who have already made a commitment to support it over the course of their lifetime. Locally this support is expressed through their commitment to Heritage Christian Academy before, during, and even after their children or grandchildren attend the School.

Leadership. For Christian education to flourish in America, a few Christian schools serve in leadership roles sharing best practices and characteristics that help all Christian schools. HCA endeavors to be such a school; and the Investors Circle, through its membership of Christian education lifelong promoters, helps us do that.

Investment.  The Investors Circle is the strategic giving leadership group of Heritage Christian Academy. Members of this important group make a leadership gift of $1,000 or more on an annual basis and are instrumental in furthering the call of HCA to serve more Christian families than ever before. This specific gift helps HCA to establish the President’s Strategic Initiatives Fund. The Strategic Initiatives Fund, in turn, helps the School be agile, responsive, and proactive to both respond to and create strategic opportunities and investments.

Commitment.  The Investors Circle holds periodic membership receptions to keep members informed of the strategic opportunities in work for the School, as well as specifics of our success, so they can promote these things to others!  The Investors Circle is open to all those who want to support the strategic future of Christian education at HCA. 

For information about the Investors Circle contact Rebecca Kampmann, Director of Development, at