Rick Jarvis
Upper School Principal

Greetings!  I am glad that you are interested in learning more about Heritage Christian Academy.

A Junior High School is a critical junction in the life of a student.  It serves as a bridge between a child in elementary school and a young adult in high school.  There are unique challenges that face a student as they go through this transition.  The Junior High program at HCA is designed to meet these challenges.  Teachers are strong Christian men and women who are specifically chosen because of the relationship they are able to foster with junior high students.  Classes are structured in a way that provides students ample opportunity to interact with a variety of teachers and subject matter.  Co-curricular opportunities are well-defined and allow a student to utilize their gifts and pursue their interests whether those interests are in athletics, fine arts, or academics.  Finally, and most importantly, students are provided opportunities to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to begin to develop a deeper understanding of God's hand on their life.

You are welcome to visit our campus any time;  I would love the opportunity to share more about Heritage Christian Academy.

James Hoskins
Assistant Principal, Middle School

Middle school is a unique time of cognitive and emotional development in a young person's life. At HCA, we partner with parents to help their middle schoolers build several important skills and qualities needed for the next stage, and all of life: 
   •   A Christian Worldview: Students will learn to see all of reality in light of God's Truth, and how that Truth should inform their decisions. They will do more than acquire information — they will learn wisdom.
   •   Strong Academics: Students will be taught important study habits and organizational skills to help them succeed in high school and beyond. They will do more than learn how to pass a test — they will develop a love of learning.
   •   Christian Character: Students will be instructed in the fruits of the Spirit and what it means to follow Jesus. They will do more than learn ethics — they will build Christian virtue.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help your child succeed!

Steve Adams
Director of STEM Education & Instructional Technology

Welcome to HCA! As the Dean of STEM Education & Instructional Technology, I am excited about what HCA has to offer today’s youth. Technology has changed the way information is delivered and the way a 21st Century employee needs to be prepared. The 21st Century educational model emphasizes Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking skills that reflect the image of God in us. An education at HCA will reflect this emphasis as we seek to effectively leverage the best educational practice and available technology to maximize the student’s educational experience to reflect the new 21st Century priorities. HCA is committed to effectively introducing elementary students to current technology consistent with the NETS standards and moving toward 1-to-1 technology model for grades 7-12 where each student will have a digital educational device.

Thank you for considering HCA. I look forward to a productive partnership as we work together to provide a comprehensive educational experience for your student saturated with a Biblical worldview.   Check out my blog for more information about what is going on at HCA.