Academic Excellence

At Heritage Christian Academy our goal is to pursue a standard of excellence in the instruction of our children. This standard is reflected in the following goals:


Heritage Christian Academy focuses on foundational skills, which are the building blocks for learning in all fundamental subjects. We consistently use teacher-friendly sequential curriculum; objectives are clear and learning activities are laid out so that an accurate assessment can be made of the learning that has occurred. Older students build upon these fundamentals by developing critical thinking and advanced communication skills. Our goal is to open the students’ eyes to the wonder of God’s world, in all its diverse areas and amazing details.


Heritage teachers actively integrate God’s Word into their classroom daily, with the goal of showing students how God is sovereign over all aspects of His creation. Our teachers are committed Christians who understand that students have different needs and abilities. They utilize various strategies to effectively convey information, while encouraging and building up each student in their class. Our teachers have a desire to kindle and nourish a love for learning in their students by helping them find new ways to discover their God-given talents and potential in Christ.

Love of Learning

Most importantly, we seek to instill in all our students a love of learning. We want every Heritage student to become a lifelong learner: a person whose interest is easily sparked and who pursues knowledge as a worthy goal to expand their view of our Almighty God and the complex, orderly world He has made.  If a child loves to learn, they will learn to educate themselves well beyond their school years.